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Mindblowing: RevenueHits' Optimization Engine Supports Your Blog's Ranking & SEO

Most publishers are well aware that ads are a vital part of any monetization campaign they may engage in, but few of them know that the same ads can just as well hurt your blog’s ranking and SEO...

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When Content Meets Context: It's All About Balancing the Two

Securing healthy monetization outcomes means knowing which door you should knock on, and, equally important, when to do it. As publishers make use of the ads displayed on their websites, their...

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How RevenueHits Helps You Track Reports and Analyze Results

Managing a website or blog usually means having to juggle many things at the same time. Faced with tight deadlines and increasing competition, publishers have learned to appreciate any help...

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Why You Really Need Ad Diversity on Your Website

In a global drive to make the user the center of the business’s efforts, the digital advertising market could hardly remain unaffected. Its main component, in form of advertisements, acts as the...

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5 Ways Website Visitor Recording Will Help You Understand What's Truly Happening in a Website

Gaining adequate insight into what is really going on under the hood of the website you consider for purchase means going beyond sheer numbers that often swamp you when using analytical tools....

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5 Incredibly Useful Heat Map Website Tools

Buying a website is a multifaceted decision making process that involves looking at tons of statistical data. It can be significantly streamlined by means of contemporary analytics such as Google...

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What to Do When You’ve Optimized Like Crazy but Can't Improve Search Engine Ranking

What it feels like when you can't improve search engine ranking
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