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The Launch of the First Banner Anti-Adblocker

Anyone who monetizes their website is aware of the scourge that is called the ad-blocker. It is a revenue killer, and seeing as it’s legal as opposed to click fraud, you are limited in what you...

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How to Keep Your Revenues after Google’s Ad-Block Release

 As you may have heard, on February 15th Google will release its forthcoming Chrome Ad-block. From this date on, Google will start blocking ads that are deemed "unacceptable" by the “Coalition for...

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Restore Your Lost Ad Revenue and Increase Your Traffic with RevenueHits' Anti Ad Blocker

Ad blocking has been a pain in the neck for marketers over the past few years, but it has spread into a full blown epidemic now. What started as a mere spam-blocking measure has now turned into a...

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Beat the Ad-Block! How to Defeat the ‘Silent Killer’ of Your Revenue

If ads are the main source of income for your websites or blog, chances are you are facing a loss of revenue due to Ad-Block use, even if you’re not aware of it.

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