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You Will Thank Us - 10 Tips about Button Ads You Need to Know

Why Button Ads Are Good For You

Owning a quality website means balancing between the demands of content generation, monetization, and technicalities. All of these elements play their parts in...

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RevenueHits Enables Optimization - Here's Why That's important

Achieving smart optimization of web monetization can make the difference between reaping its benefits in a shorter or longer period of time. As each publisher strives to get quick access to...

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Why RevenueHits is the Ad Network You've Been Looking For

Monetization of one’s web asset represents the ultimate confirmation of its quality and success for any publisher. As the digital marketing pie is getting bigger by each year, it’s no wonder that...

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Ways Ad Networks for Publishers Can Make You Invincible

Modern-day ad networks serve as the marketing intermediary that makes it easier to show ads to wider audiences, while doing so in the manner which will benefit all parties involved, from...

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The lazy Man's guide to shadow box ads

Modern day advertising is complicated enough that its desired outcomes do not always boil down to having enough balance on your account. In addition to stuffing your pockets with hard earned cash...

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Answered: Your Most Burning Questions about Pop Ads

Love them or hate them, you have to give credit to pop ads for the publicity they attract. Being with us since the early days of online advertising, they are known to cause a debate, but you’d be...

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Proof That Interstitial Ads Are Exactly What You Are Looking For

You’ve been there before: you come to a website in search of relevant content, only to be greeted by ads that explode in your face. To add insult to injury, they are often completely divorced from...

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How to Keep Your Revenues after Google’s Ad-Block Release

 As you may have heard, on February 15th Google will release its forthcoming Chrome Ad-block. From this date on, Google will start blocking ads that are deemed "unacceptable" by the “Coalition for...

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How to Make Sure Your Site Isn't Manipulated by a PPC Scam

Pay-per-click marketing is one of the most attractive advertising models globally, with even the major search engines and social media employing it as their source of revenues. Its adoption,...

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Don't Just Sit There! Add Display Banners to Your Website

Today's focus on user experience as the sum of a visitor’s interaction with a website has made marketers/publishers face an important issue: how to fit ads into all of this. This question arose in...

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