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Uncovering the Mystery Behind How to Earn Money from a Website

Uncovering the Mystery Behind How to Earn Money from a Website header

Making money from a website today is similar to going down a well-trodden path, while putting your own twist on the journey itself. Relative abundance of the ways to achieve this goal should not trick you into thinking that generating revenue in this manner is a story of an overnight success you are sometimes bombarded with. One of the favors that you do for yourself before making the perennially difficult first step is to decide on the balance between how much time you are willing to invest in this endeavor and what is desired in terms of the final financial outcome. Keep in mind that the fruits of your labor won't come fast. The length of your endeavor will depend on how fast you “crack the code” of online moneymaking. It’s different for everyone, so don’t lose hope if it comes later, rather than sooner.. Let us help you shorten the road to making money blogging by shedding some light on the options at your disposal.

Got Blog?

Right off the bat, let’s say that there are more answers to the question of how to earn money from a website. Blogging is a well-tried and stable source of income if set right from the start. This means working within the confines of a carefully selected niche and delivering content to a desired audience with surgical precision.

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Having a blog is crucial, since it can easily be turned into a platform for implementing money-making strategies described below. One of keys to its success is solidifying the frequency of content posting to keep your audience engaged. This is recognized by more than half of marketers who point to blog content creation as their highest inbound marketing priority.

Webinars Build Income Streams and Trust

Having a blog or any other type of website allows you to organize webinars as one of the most lucrative money making avenues available online. No matter how often you plan on delivering this type of content, its alpha and omega are your audience and your skill in convincing them that you are able to provide expert training in a desired field.

Your efforts in this regard will be greatly helped if your online presence is extended into the world of social media. These platforms can be used to drive audience to your website, with a long term plan to offer webinars as your authentic product that will be put behind a paywall. One of the best platforms available for webinars is GoToWebinar, which has acquired a substantial number of competitors over the years.


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Email Marketing for Products and Services

Building a list of email subscribers comes off as a natural extension of the already described methods, as it has become an online marketing staple. The first step is to fire up appropriate software and generate an attractive lead offer to help you drive your audience down the funnel. These offers, or “magnets”, can come in various forms, such as your self-produced e-books, educational content or video trainings and similar resources. In addition to this, you can also offer your freelance services, provided that you recognize demand for them among your crowd.

Yet, their common denominator is that you need to offer them your upgraded content in exchange for your visitors’ email addresses. Once you have them, all you need to do is to sell them what you know they already want. Considering that email has an average ROI of $38 for each $1 spent, you can hardly allow yourself to pass on this opportunity. In any case, your safest approach in the long run is to learn as much as possible about your audience and the manner in which you can help them, while treating them with respect all the time.

Selling Merchandise

Selling homemade digital products in form of premium content on your website offers great balance between monetization potential and requirements in terms of time and resources needed for their creations. On the other hand, working with physical products is often seen as a tall order for many website owners. If you do not see yourself as having the chops to start with a full-blown e-commerce business, going down the path of selling merchandise seems like a viable sweet spot option.

Provided that your website has garnered strong visual credentials among your audience, you can easily organize printing its logo or images on t-shirts, mugs or stickers, as means of improving your financials as well as promoting your web property. In addition to working with traditional manufacturers from your neighborhood, you can also avail yourself of services of on-demand branding platforms such as Zazzle, CafePress and others, which will make it easier for you to sell your merch through your website.

Handle with Care: Sponsored Content

On the other hand, you can make money blogging if you opt for presenting sponsored content on it. Separating ads from content means that your visitors will have an easier time consuming the latter, provided that you ensure cohesiveness between the visual and narrative identity of your site and sponsored articles.

Creating advertorials demands even greater skill in striking a balance between informative and marketing value of the content, as users who primarily come for information can be easily distracted by sponsored content. If executed with flair and dedication to transparency, this monetization method should be certainly considered as a means to earn money and increase the overall value of the website.

Monetize Your Traffic via Affiliate Marketing

In case all of the above methods are unsuitable for you, or you simply wish to enrich your marketing campaign with another income avenue, selling products and services in the role of an affiliate can become a viable option for you.

Sites such as ClickBank offer valuable affiliate program options for a variety of products, with payout rates going up to 75% of the profits for top affiliates. Some of its alternatives include Rakuten Marketing,Commission Junction, Share-a-Sale and others. The downside is that your website will have to meet certain demands when it comes to having sufficiently attractive traffic metrics as a proof that it is supported by a large enough audience.



Running Ads Is Still a Reliable Workhorse

Finally, there is the old reliable among all other website monetization methods, and that is to sell its advertising space based on any of the online advertising models. Despite being an age-old and reliable model, its effectiveness will depend on the levels of traffic you manage to put under your belt. In addition to securing access to a large enough audience, your site’s content will also need to correspond to what advertisers or ad networks desire.

Despite core similarities in terms of how these subjects do business, you still have to approach their selection carefully, as their payment preferences and practices may vary wildly, making this a key consideration in resolving the conundrum of how to earn money from a website via this method.


In the end, successful demystification of methods for making money blogging will hang on how fast you want to line up your pockets, and how much you are willing to invest in it. Start by examining all of these approaches and going forward with the one that best corresponds to your current set of circumstances. Once the money starts rolling in, you’ll free up more time for further experimentation and building on your previous experience with any of the approaches described above.

introduce ads to your blog cta 

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