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How RevenueHits Helps You Track Reports and Analyze Campaign Results

How RevenueHits Helps You Track Reports and Analyze Campaign Results HeaderWorking in modern day marketing business means juggling several campaigns at the same time. Faced with tight deadlines and increasing competition, marketers and publishers have learned to appreciate any help offered by technology that allows them to perform their tasks more efficiently. Thus, the process involving tracking reports and analyzing your ad campaign results needs to be streamlined as in order to determine as quickly as possible whether you have a winning horse or a turkey under your wing. Thankfully, RevenueHits is well aware of the demands of contemporary marketing and it offers publishers ש precise and uncluttered overview of the health of the marketing campaigns publishers are running. This is paired with a robust analytical engine offering to propel your marketing performance to unprecedented heights.

Performance-Focused Access to Vital Data

Your advertising dollars are hard to come by and it is no wonder that marketers choose to look over every earned cent. Making each ad count means that you’ll want to keep close tabs on their performance in form of detailed and informative reports in real-time. This is why RevenueHits ad network places performance and transparency at the heart of its business credo.

In order to offer you quality monetization performance, RevenueHits starts at using your site as a platform that will show only high-performance ads that are served by means of Geo-targeted ad serving technology. The name of the game here is “context”. To optimize each ad placement, RevenueHits uses an advanced contextual algorithm for the selection of ads that will help you squeeze the most revenue from being shown to your faithful audience. In other words, these algorithms will act as an engine that works hard in order to determine the best performing ad for your specific needs and optimizes its performance based on gathered statistical data.

This platform utilizes systems that involve tracking and reporting on multiple levels. As the majority of publishers know, having the right information at the opportune moment can be a powerful weapon. RevenueHits made this its key value proposition, by allowing its users to have direct access to all vital statistical data relating to the current campaigns they are running. These include impressions, eCPM, clicks as well as revenue per customer duration. In order to allow for great user experience, all of these vital pieces of information are color-coded for simplified yet laser-precise assessment.

Bird’s Eye View of Ads

So, let’s say that you find it challenging to dedicate increasing amounts of time to handle the complexities of your marketing campaign, yet you want to stay on top of everything that happens with your monetization effort. RevenueHits offers to help you by providing ad service with the optimal rates, great ads of all types, as well as a quality support team available for help in any situation.

By signing up with RevenueHits, you’ll have a detailed bird’s eye view of what is happening with your ads, not unlike a general who wants to maintain constant situational awareness on the battlefield. In this case, your best ally will be an intuitively designed dashboard that is set up based on the principle of user-friendliness and attractive yet uncluttered graphic presentation. The heart of the dashboard is its “Report” tab that is a treasure trove of all information about the websites you work with, ad placements, Geos and other components of each digital advertising campaign.

Yet, making sense of all of the numerous features of RevenueHits’ platform cannot happen overnight. Being aware of this, RevenueHits made the entire procedure smoother by providing you with trusty allies on this path. These are the RH’s customer support team that is always on-hand whenever you need them. They play a key role in preparing newcomers for the onboarding process, as well as the initial setup of ads. Once you get the hang of all the inner workings of the RevenueHits’ robust platform, you’ll soon learn to appreciate the dedication that the RH crew will demonstrate when it comes to providing assistance in making your ads generate only the highest possible revenue. In addition to providing optimization and onboarding support, the support team will also supply you with ad codes and help you with resolving any technical issue you might encounter.

ad space optimizationRevenueHits knows that optimization of your ad space begins with having a clear view of ads that offer the best performance

Image Credit: RevenueHits

Make Every Inch of Ad Space Count

Despite being fully aware that technical and other issues are an inevitable feature of every ad campaign, RevenueHits wants to make their prevention the focus of its approach to user support. This process starts by providing users with an intuitive preview for any action they take. For example, after the ad placement, you simply pick the desired ad type, such as the banner ad or the footer ad, followed by the ad size you deem most suitable for your needs. If you’ve selected a banner ad, for example, you will see a drop-down menu with different sizes to choose from. Also, you can see how the placement will look in the preview options.

The goal of RevenueHits is to generate the highest income for its clients by monetizing their online assets. These include websites, apps, videos, widgets, special solutions, search and pop-unders. Pop-ups and pop-unders can boost revenue without compromising site performance at all. RevenueHits offers a large inventory of ads that promote performance-based offers, CPM and CPC ads. Its library of display and rich media ensures that the adequate size and ad format are at the user’s disposal for every application. The company also offers its customers to boost their revenue by means of XML feeds with real-time bidding. Advertisers can compete as parts of an auction process in order to gain access to the audiences of RevenueHits’ customers and get the chance to display top quality ads.

In order to ensure this, users are given a preview feature that allows them to see how their ad will look on their website and determine if it needs modifying. Tracking ad performance allows you to see whether it will generate any revenue. This feature is enabled for all ads within your dedicated ad space, allowing you to make any changes to them you deem necessary. By giving you this transparent level of control, RevenueHits guarantees that not an inch of your ad space will be wasted on ads that do not perform well.


Running a stellar ad campaign involves more than just worrying about ad placement through heat maps, or budgeting. All of its features need to be heavily supported by having clear insight into key ad performance metrics such as impressions, eCPM, clicks or revenue per customer. RevenueHits is fully aware of this and it wants to help its clients primarily by offering them contextual and high-performance ads that are managed via a user-friendly and intuitive dashboard. This platform gives them a clear insight into every relevant parameter related to ad performance, which, in turn, allows them to track campaign progress and results in real time and set only the most suitable goals accordingly.


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