You can do all the optimization in the world, but even that’s no guarantee of an improvement in ranking. So, when you’ve done everything you can… what do you…

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Bounce rate is a big concern for many publishers. If your bounce rate is too high, it’s a sign that either you’re attracting the wrong people to your site, or…

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Want to increase the revenue you earn from banners? There is a smart way to do it. We at RevenueHits, have come up with 5 simple but essential guidelines that will…

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Do you think the Internet is just America? It sounds ridiculous. However, that’s how a lot of publishers think. Maybe they think a little bit about Canada and the UK,…

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How Color Choices Impact Your ROI

December 4, 2016 admin No Comments

Color choice is an important decision in branding, marketing, and sales. While preferences are effected by each individual’s inclinations, experiences, upbringing, and context, there are still certain basic generalizations that…

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There’s no point in paying for an ad that no-one will see, but it turns out that most publishers and online advertisers are doing exactly that. Viewability is an online…

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